You have such a gift in connecting to our beloved 12 year old Ben, the Labrador. Your words captured his essence and tears rolled down my face as I knew they were absolutely how he was feeling. Your intuition is spot on Kim, and it means so much to us to have this insight. Ben's movement was more fluid after you sent him some healing too, he was running around like a much younger dog. I will definitely be happy to refer you and your services to others.

L. O'Malley – Victoria, Australia

I approached The Whippet Whisperer to see if she could gain any insight as to why Wood (the male of our two adorable labradoodles) often barks at dogs during our walks. He is not this way with humans; in fact he is the gentlest soul so this is out of character and can be quite embarrassing!

I also wanted to find out if there was anything else that we needed to know – I do believe our dogs try to communicate with us but as a mere mortal my ability to understand their language is quite flawed.

What we were told was astounding, including the reason Wood barks and how I can help him. I also received more insight than I had expected which was enlightening. I now have a greater understanding of their needs and direct information on what I can do to provide the best possible environment and care.  I have started to put this into practise and both dogs have been responding positively.

Kim has quite an exceptional talent for tuning in, picking up messages and providing clear and concise feedback from our much loved four legged (or even two) friends. Thank you and I look forward to checking in with you again soon.

A. Wicking – Melbourne, Australia

In tears a bit...thank you. I have been to many Communicators...many things resonated. I am so grateful and appreciative. You are a gift to us. 

T. Johnson – Oklahoma, USA

We came across The Whippet Whisperer just as our two year old whippet started developing some issues with sleeping in his crate where he had happily slept for his entire life. We booked a reading and healing session for him and at the time the session took place I immediately noticed a difference in him. He was so calm and started to relax right before my eyes. After the session we received a detailed and touching report from Kim which helped us understand what was going on in our boy's head. We made some adjustments for him and he's been so much better ever since. Thank you Kim, with your help our boy is happy again 

B. van Meeuwen – Melbourne, Australia

Thanks for reading our two cats. It was delightful to hear "in their words" and valuable to now have a few more tips so that we can respond to their needs more pro-actively. I would definitely come to you for a healing if they were unwell.

C. Ors – Brisbane, Australia

I was extremely happy with the quick turnaround time from when the session was booked to when I received the results. Incredibly professional service! So fascinated that communication between me and my beloved little Daisy can take place - what a special thing to have. Thank you!

E. Jones – Melbourne, Australia





Conrad  Photos by  Lehowl Photography


Photos by Lehowl Photography