i'm an animal communicator and energy healer. 

wait, what? 

As a Reiki Master, also accredited in Animal Therapy and Energy & Spiritual Healing, I specialise in communicating with and healing animals. 

Through the use of Energy Healing and Mediumship I work with animals’ energetic fields to facilitate a dialogue that enables me to assist in the recovery of a broad range of physical, emotional or behavioural issues they may be suffering from.

Energy Healing provides a huge amount of long term benefits and is increasingly being recommended by veterinary practices as an alternative form of therapy that complements traditional medical treatments.

I work with all creatures great and small – not just whippets, but hello, heaven! – and a large part of my clientele involves family pets and domesticated animals.

Our lovable friends have voices that deserve to be heard and respected and my job is to help you better understand and strengthen your relationships with yours.

Animals can teach us so much about ourselves – I just spin it around so they teach us about them.

"until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened".                                                               - Anatole France

How do I communicate with animals?

Animals communicate with each other by using a silent language, otherwise known as telepathy. And this is how I communicate with them, by mentally sending and receiving messages – not to be confused with reading body language or analysing behavioural traits – that come in the form of imagery, small videos, emotions, thoughts, feelings, aromas and sensations.

Everyone is born with the ability to communicate telepathically, it’s just that we tend to ‘tune out’ or dismiss this sixth sense as we mature and often give way to conventional thinking.

Animals are usually very excited to share their messages and feelings, after all, they are beings with needs and wants, just like us!

What is Energy Healing and how does it work?

Our thoughts, emotions and physical body – in fact, everything in our universe – are made up of energy.

Physical and mental disorders, ailments, injuries and disease (or dis-ease as I refer to it) often originate within the body’s energy field before manifesting as physical and/or psychological symptoms.

Energy Healing treats these imbalances and blockages to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance by accelerating the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Usui Reiki – the main energy system I work with – is a Japanese healing technique that has been used for thousands of years and its name, pronounced “ray-key”, is derived from the Japanese words ‘spirit’ (rei) and ‘energy’ (ki) which translates as “universal life force energy”.

The practise of Reiki is the intentional channeling of this energy and can produce powerful results and many long-term benefits through its unlimited intelligence in seeking out the areas it is needed most.

Other modalities that I work with include Kundalini Reiki, Seichem and Ashati,

    Meet Raúl, my main (fur) man. This little guy inspired me to focus my line of work on helping our animal friends. He’s a big deal in our household.        Photo by  Living Image Photography

    Meet Raúl, my main (fur) man. This little guy inspired me to focus my line of work on helping our animal friends. He’s a big deal in our household. 

    Photo by Living Image Photography


    You can expect it to be a deeply relaxing, stress-free experience – most animals immediately enter a deep meditative state, allowing the body a safe environment in which to heal - some may start to lick a specific area I’m treating and some simply carry on as usual, as if they’re completely unaffected. And that’s the thing with Energy Healing; what’s taking place energetically often isn't visible to the (untrained) eye.

    I’m yet to connect in with an animal that hasn’t welcomed or benefitted from a session, which is testament to the response and results it can bring.

    It’s important to keep an open mind as the messages received may present differently to what you expect - all animals have their own unique personalities and this is often a surprising fact to many!

    What does a session involve?

    Each session begins with a reading (think conversation) and concludes with a healing, with both aspects working together to achieve results.

    Energy Healing involves working with the physical, mental and emotional aspects of an animal (or person) by accessing their energy bodies through the use of symbols and a series of hand placements.

    Ideally your animal companion will be rested or resting during the session although as long as they’re not over stimulated – which can interfere with their willingness and ability to allow me to connect in with them – they can continue with their normal routine or activity. And the benefits of Distant Healing (which I explain further on my 'FAQ' page) mean you don’t need to be in the same space as them, or even present, in order for me to facilitate the session.



    All appointments are made online (below) and once your booking has been received, I will email you to confirm the date and have you provide a clear and current photo of your animal friend - preferably with their eyes looking directly at the camera and no one else in shot - and complete a short questionnaire to ascertain their medical history and any specifics you are hoping to achieve. 

    Post-appointment, a comprehensive report is then provided detailing my findings during the session.

    If you're unsure if I can help - or have an urgent request for an appointment - please email me directly. There's no such thing as a silly question and as I like to say, where there's a whippet (whisperer), there's a way!

    (All communication is via email which allows me the flexibility to work across all time zones).